Excerpts from the Audiokite Crowd Review for "Stellar Scarecrow" (Radio Edit):

"From the get go this song had me interested. I wasn't sure if it was going to be a total instrumental or not, so I kept on listening. It had me moving about it my chair as I listened. It reminded me of the style of music used in the TV programme CSI, when they conducted all the 'sciencey stuff' in the lab. That's why I went with the Drama option, although it would fit in really well with the Sci-Fi category too. Will be checking out Agencystem."

"This song makes me imagine being a hacker in some futuristic nightclub in London. The entire song is mixed really well and it avoids being repetitive which is a major plus. The length of the song is also really good as it doesn't feel like the entire song is drawn out."

"Not one to normally be too interested in instrumentals, I really liked this one. My prerequisite for instrumentals is that they make me want to move and this one does just that!"

"Sometimes I love instrumentals (without singing),. This is a great one. I feel like Im ready to go on an adventure listening to in."

"I really didn't like this song. Everything came together very well, it's just not my type of music. The first thing I thought of was this would be great as background music for a movie."

Excerpts from the Audiokite Crowd Review for "Moonset" (Radio Edit):

"I really enjoyed this, the music had very smooth tones that almost melted together. The bass in the song complimented the tones wonderfully. This is the type of music I could listen to over and over again, the one thing I would say is negative is that some of percussion sounds seemed a little rough around the edges, as far as quality goes. But that may have been by design, either way, one of the better songs I've heard on here, top to bottom."

"This song is very smooth, and super relaxing! It really makes my brain go crazy, imagining all the different scenarios this song can be played to. Perfect for specific movie sequences! I imagine like, a colony of people rebuilding in a desert. People everywhere putting up walls, constructing buildings, like some sort of invasion happened and everyone is rebuilding, the sun is beating down and its very warm."

"I like this song because it allows me to space out and simply enjoy the music."